Thought of the Day - Big Numbers

75802-511965-thumbnail.jpgBig news yesterday, according to estimates there are now over 300 million people in the US.  Yeah.

356 - million - it'll take another 19.5 years (net gain of 1 new resident every 11 seconds) .  56 million people in 19 years.  DC has ~5 million people in the metro area, NY City metro has almost ~19 20 years we're going to have almost 12 Washington D.C. or 3 more NY City metro areas.  Wow.

NPR did a "man on the street" interview with people about the population of the US.  They asked various people "what is the population of the US".  The answers were disappointing to say the least.  Even knowing that the editors chose only the 'best' quotes...the answers that came out were sad.  People guessed "2 million", "30 thousand million", "20 million"...and all of the people then followed their guess with a tittering if that made their answer better somehow.