Thought of the Day - Bizarre

75802-1303090-thumbnail.jpgI had to take a NJ transit train last night.  When I got to the terminal I was curious as to why everyone was standing around staring at the overhead monitors announcing trains.  Apparently the tracks used are not standard and must vary a lot.  They announce the track for each train just before departure...actually, about 2 minutes before departure.

It was strange to watch these people watching the board and as soon as the announcement would go off and the board would update the crowd would surge to a track door and start piling there way down the largely non-functioning escalators to the tracks below.

It seems very inefficient, dangerous, and pretty dumb if you ask me.  Why the 7:49 bound to Hoboken can't always be on track 4 is beyond me.

And I still don't understand why in the NYC subway there is no 'up side' and 'down side' to stairwells.  It's just a free for all.  At least the subway doesn't smell so bad in the winter.