Thought of the Day - Bizness Class

75802-937920-thumbnail.jpgI traveled to Australia last year and was fortunate enough to go business class on the way there.  Quantas has a pod style business class seat that almost goes flat. They also have a lot of media on demand and pretty good food and wine.  Even better, each seat has a normal plug for your laptop, no adapter required.

I just got back from Japan where I flew United business class.  What a difference, and not for the better.  The seats are much smaller, more cramped, lack on demand entertainment, and require that you use a $120 adapter if you want to plug in your laptop.  The food was mediocre and the wine selection was much weaker than Quantas offered. 

 Apparently United knows it's service is weak and is upgrading it's planes link, I just went too early.

 Meanwhile, Japan was a great experience and I have a lot to share from that trip.