Thought of the Day - Coinage

75802-508694-thumbnail.jpgFinally took a big pile of change to the bank the other day.  They've installed one of those coin counters...and unlike the ones in the grocery store they don't charge anything.  (7.5% fee is a BIT ridiculous...of course, I'd like to be on the receiving end of that).

So, the Bank's machine plowed through thousands of coins making the noise of a heavy summer rain (ok, slightly more 'metallic' than that) coupled with robotic conveyor belts.  Really quite pleasant.

I had over $10 in pennies.  That's a lot of pennies.  Pennies by the way cost more than one cent to produce.  And pre-1982 coins have over $.02 worth of copper in them.  Start hoarding can melt them down and sell the copper.  Article

Sure beats the people killing themselves trying to steal power lines for the copper.