Thought of the Day - Disappointment

75802-580875-thumbnail.jpgI ate dinner last night at a decent seafood oriented place.  They had a small wine list but offered a few higher end wines on their "Proprietor's list".  Since I was drinking alone, I ordered by the glass.

The first wine was a Simi Landslide cab...normally a good wine...sadly, open way too long.  The 2nd, a Matanzas Creek merlot...same story.

I really hate it when restaurants offer a "by the glass" program and then mistreat their wines.  If you aren't going to go through the effort to protect your product, don't offer it.  Just offer "red wine" and "white wine" least it won't spoil as fast in the boxes.

Hint, buy a bottle, even if drinking alone.  Take the rest home with has a guide to the recorking laws.  Now, I need to take my own advice.