Thought of the Day - Dog Training

75802-323716-thumbnail.jpgSpent a few extra hours in the airport yesterday due to bad fog on the East Coast.  I got to witness a group of Customs and Border Officers
training some dogs.  I'm not sure if it was drugs or explosives, but the guy in yellow appeared to be an airport official who got to stand around with a scented hip pack on and get sniffed.

Apparently, if you're standing still, presenting your drug/explosive burden bag prominently, and the officer points to the bag while
thrusting the dog at you, there's at least a 50/50 chance the dog will pick up on the fact that it should sit down and indicate it's found something.

The dog's reward for this...a rolled up rag.

Fun Factoid: According to an article in the Wall Street Journal 50% of the bread sold in the US is white bread.