Thought of the Day - Early morning with the fishies

75802-940311-thumbnail.jpgDay 1 in Japan.  Jet Lag, couldn't sleep.  So, off to the fish market at 4 AM.  

Tsukiji fish market is the largest in Japan, and in fact the world.  Over $5.5 billion in seafood goes through this place each year.  Hadn't really done enough research to have a plan so wandered aimlessly watching auctions, carts flying in all directions, fish being slaughtered, then found the frozen tuna room.  The market also has fresh tuna auctions, but they've closed that to the public.  Didn't stay long enough to see the end of the auctions or the transport of these massive fish around the market on little carts.  I guess it's quite a spectacle.  

This room had over 100 large bluefin tuna in it.  They do this almost every day all year long.  Bluefin reproduce and grow slowly, they can live up to 30 years.

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