Thought of the Day - Eat more fish

75802-537950-thumbnail.jpgLast week there was a lot of coverage of a report published in the Journal Science about how fish stocks will collapse worldwide by 2048 if mankind keeps doing what it's doing.

Closer to home (for me at least), the Chesapeake Bay is a great example of how we take care of our environment.  The world's largest estuary, the Chesapeake Bay was once home to a great deal of aquatic life and water so clear you could see the bottom 30' down.  Now, the fact is you can't see the bottom in two feet of water.

The oyster is the major contributor to water quality and the current stocks are estimated to be 2% of historic highs.  In 2003 an estimated 46% of crabs meeting the legal size minimums for harvest we taken from the waters of the Bay.  Scientists think this is a sustainable %...but it seems awful high to me.

Something cheerful to start your week.