Thought of the Day - Everything is Peachy!

75802-451216-thumbnail.jpgI bought some peaches yesterday from Wholefoods and noticed that their VERY fuzzy.  So, it got me thinking...why?

Of course, fuzzy peaches don't sell so have to rub them to get the fuzz, the industry helpfully takes care of that...

Here are some handy peach facts (from the Joy of Baking).

- Peaches are at their best when just ripe and at room temperature.

- New hybrid was developed to reduce the fuzziness so now the skin is just downy soft.

- Could not develop a fuzz-less peach so a machine was invented to gently rub off the remaining fuzz.  Since then sales of peaches have shot up.

- Peaches do not ripen after picking, only soften.

- Peach trees only survive about 20 years.

- Most of the vitamins of the peach are in the skin.

Oh, and you think "Baby Carrots" are baby carrots????????