Thought of the Day - Fixer upper

75802-1693458-thumbnail.jpgLately I've been fixing a lot of things around my life...

 The pop-up flash on my camera stopped working.  I thought I had to send it in for repair.  Found some instructions online and hacked away....worked HowTo.  BTW - there is ALOT of juice locked up in the flash capacitor.  Zapped myself something good with that one.

 I replaced all the guts in my grill BBQ Parts.

 Replaced the keyboard on a Sony Vaio laptop (not so enamored with the Vaios anymore)

And I got to reinstall everything on my main home computer thanks to corrupt key security file in Windows.  That required me to borrow an old school PS/2 keyboard and buy a new floppy drive.  I hadn't used the floppy drive in was full of dust and even after a good cleaning wouldn't work.  What a pain.  

Thankfully, I've been using Mozy for online backups.  It's taking a while but all my stuff is being restored to my computer.  I am very happy with that service.