Thought of the Day - Growing Things

75802-1510184-thumbnail.jpgIt's Azalea season where I live.  Signifies the beginning of the summer season (which ends in what we call leaf season).  I have many Azaleas in my yard.  All different colors.  I quite like it.

I was reading about the increase in bio-fuels and the challenges that they create.  Apparently, everything has it's costs.  The increased use of bio-fuels like Ethanol are increasing the prices for grains across the board.  That increase in price has farmers scrambling to cash in and bring as much land into production as possible.  So, lands that we as tax payers have been paying subsidies to remain out of production are coming back in because it is more lucrative for farmers to actual farm again.  Also, there is a growing problem of marginal lands being put into production.  Marginal lands are a problem because they require more input per measure of output.  More fertilizer, more fuel, etc. 

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I've been reading a bit about Algaculture also, another version of Bio-fuels that has some better promises.  But, I'm just waiting for the researchers to figure out that if we go down that path we're likely to help evolve some intelligent algae that will take over the world.