Thought of the Day - Help a girl out

75802-670027-thumbnail.jpgI have a favor to friend Lily sent me the note below and I'm hoping you can help her out and vote for her.  Lily is a friend of mine who used to work with me at a couple of different places.  This wedding means a lot to her, so perhaps we can help her out.
When voting, put in mostly not true info in the voting fields...use one of your dummy personalities (you do have those, right?)  If you need help establishing a marketing dead-end personality, let me know and I'll help you out...use a dif. phone # and a dif e-mail address (like a gmail or yahoo account you don't actually use).
Pass it along to anyone who you might be able to con into voting as well...
Oh yeah, that's Lilly learning how to fish at a big party a group of us held a couple of years ago....many of you were there.

From: Lily Lin
Sent: Friday, February 09, 2007 1:15 AM

Sorry for the mass email.  I recently entered a Washington Post wedding contest.  Wrote  short essays to a couple questions and just found out that WE WERE PICKED TO BE THE TOP 5 CONTESTANTS!!! OMG!!!
If I win (find out next Friday), Dan and I can win up to $35,000 of wedding goods.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for us, and all of our friends!  This would be sooooo awesome! 
Please pass on to your friends if possible, and get them to vote ASAP!  Voting ends next Thursday.  I am counting on you!!! SERIOUSLY! 
Here is the link:
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for us!!!!!!!!!!!  This would be seriously awesome for us.  Hmm...did I already say this?