Thought of the Day - His name was Ray


The highlights from last weekend's fishing trip were a couple of 'legal' sized Striped first without professional help.  And, a lovely stingray.  

We fought it for about 45 minutes before getting it boatside and then finally cutting the line.  It was about 3' accross.  I didn't get a good enough look to determine what kind but it didn't look like a cownose ray.  It wasn't giving up easily so finally we dropped the anchor line and let the ray pull the whole boat around for a while...that worked and wore it out much faster.

 Last time I caught a ray I was in my kayak and, according to my gps, that ray pulled me over 2 miles around the bay before I got it boatside.

Unfortunately, fighting the ray seemed to take most of what appeared to be the most productive fishing time (we had to break off another fish when the ray came along because it ws tangling lines).  So, who knows what else was out there.