Thought of the Day - I doubt it will happen any time soon

75802-749525-thumbnail.jpgThere was an article in USA Today (aka 'McPaper') on the growing trend in boxed wine. According to the article boxed wines are the fastest growing segment of the wine industry.  Additionally, the quality of the wines offered are getting better.

Now, You're about as likely to find a box of wine in my possession as you are to find me with a NASCAR tattoo, but the idea is interesting.  Boxed wine does have the advantage of preventing air from ever touching the wine until it's poured out into a glass (or plastic cup as the case may be).  Oxidation is the enemy of wine, so this is a good thing.  If someone were to offer a nice wine you could have a single glass and not ruin a whole bottle.  And a box would allow the wine to remain good for up to several weeks.  Kind of a wine keg idea.

When it come to higher end wines, traditions run deep.  Consumers are loathe to accept screwtop wine closures vs corks....even with the advantages that screwtops provide.  Up to 5% of wines with corks will be spoiled due to cork failure or the introduction of TCA (cork taint while screwtops all but eliminate this problem.

Given the challenges of getting people to accept screwtops, I think it will be a long time before putting a $100 Cabernet in a box will be well accepted.

If you see anything from a CA winery called Four Hands give it a try.  I've really enjoyed all of the different wines from them I've managed to find.