Thought of the Day - "I fart in your general direction"

75802-474594-thumbnail.jpgTrolling the "you really shouldn't be here" part of a wine display I came across this gem.  After reading the label I was intrigued by the fact this is a "Product of France"...

The French have had trouble in recent times because their wine marketing is a bit archaic.  It's a bit overwhelming trying to grasp how their labeling works and hard for the average consumer to have any idea what they are buying.  Perhaps this cute labeling is an attempt to make their wines a bit more approachable.

So, I bought it.  And, ...HORRIBLE!!!!!!  Not even worth consuming for the buzz you might get from it.

My guess, it's left over swill that a wine maker can't imagine selling to local, they foist it off on the "dumb 'Mericans".

Of course, I DID buy it....

Extra points for those who can identify the source of the quote in the subject.