Thought of the Day - I just don't understand

So, I was in CVS (downtown in a large city) and I saw something that made me laugh, wondering, feel disappointed at humanity.  There was a locked case full of items...not uncommon, you have to protect valuable merchandise from sticky fingers.  However, look at what this merchandise is...body wash and shampoo (low end ones at that).  Please, who in their right mind is going to steal that junk...well, obviously someone does.  Sad really.


In a similar vein, I was in a liquor store the other day and they had a locked cabinet by the front register with bottles of Opus One ($150+), Sterling Reserve Cab ($120+), fancy Icewine ($90+), Stags Leap Cab ($100) and a few other high end wines...PLUS, several sizes of Hypnotiq (the cognac liqueur)...the most expensive size was $29.  I asked the guys behind the register and they said "Yeah, people love to steal those".  It's more humorous b/c they have bottles of $80 Scotch hidden away in a back corner that you can't see from the counter.