Thought of the Day - Illin'

75802-999399-thumbnail.jpgI picked up something evil last week, likely in Houston.  It was pretty minor until yesterday.  I started to go downhill fast yesterday afternoon and just got worse from there.  I spent several hours at the doctor's today where I learned I have a sinus infection AND pink eye.  Nice. So, I'm all doped up.

I stopped by a Target pharmacy to fill my prescriptions.  It was the first time I ever used a Target pharmacy so I was a bit surprised when I was asked what color I wanted the band on my bottles to be.  Then I remembered reading that a woman revamped the standard prescription bottle as a school project.  (The woman was named Deborah Adler).  I must say, I really like these bottles.  Excellent work.  It's a reason to use the Target pharmacies.  I got the green band.

So, back at home feeling a bit spacey today.  Did have a very positive experience just a few minutes ago.  I was feeling bad for my dog Bella (locked up all day inside) so I decided to take her for a walk.  On the way out I decided to grab a fishing rod from the garage and a plastic worm. 

Not just any plastic worm.  I bought, by accident, plastic worms in a color called 'Merthiolate'.  Now, this color should be called 'Neon Orange + a tinge of radioactive goo'....(the only reference I could find to 'merthiolate' is the brand name for Thiomersal registered by Eli Lilly in 1928.  Thiomersal is a mercury based antiseptic and antifungal...excellent choice for fish bait).

So, I grabbed a neon worm on a lark and we went off around the golf course.  We stopped by my favorite pond and on the 2nd cast I caught a bass.  Well, really, THE bass.  I know this pond, and it's full of fish...but this is THE one.  It's HUGE.  I've caught it three times before...last time I weighed it the scale said 5.5 lbs.  That was 2 years ago.  Definitely bigger now...much bigger.  So big in fact I was able to put my whole hand in it's mouth to get the hook out.

Of course I didn't have the presence of mind to photograph the fish.  I forgot I had my cell phone with me. 

So, maybe it's just a fish story...

I did take a picture of the worm.