Thought of the Day - Irritating

75802-1270965-thumbnail.jpgIf someone introduces themselves as 'Michael', their e-mail signature says 'Michael', the little signature that is manually added to e-mails says 'Michael', the business card says 'Michael'....why the hell do you think 'Mike' is the right answer.

Very irritating.  Always has been, always will be.

People who ask 'what do you prefer'...major points for that simple question.

Hendry Block 8 Cab - 2003 - winner
Conundrum 2006 - nice, but not as nice as previous years
Whitehall Lane Cab 2004 Reserve Cab - really cool glass cork.  Wine, not as distinctive as the Hendry.
1988 Taylor Fladgate - Nice...but I'm finding it really hard to find the uniqueness of vintage ports.  I think I need some vertical tastings.