Thought of the Day - It's alive

75802-1462295-thumbnail.jpgI had a last minute trip to CA come up.  United wanted $900 for a middle seat.  Listed just below United on my travel site was Virgin America.  $279.

I signed the petition to get them flying, I've read the articles about their, what the heck.  I gave it a try.

The overhead lights are indeed different....but they didn't change colors like I thought they would.  The seats are decent leather, but the back is a sleek plastic that kinda looks cheap.

The 'Red' entertainment system is pretty cool.  Definitely the  best airline entertainment system around and certainly helps make the flight go by faster.  I like the ability to order food and drink from the seat and then it gets delivered...very nice.

Overall, a better experience than other domestic flights, but not amazingly different.

I have the return flight tonight.  We'll see how that goes.