Thought of the Day - It's pathetic

75802-709213-thumbnail.jpgJohn Hancock is an insurance company that's part of a $52 Billion dollar company.  Over the past several months I have seen advertisements from them on TV, in magazines and in newspapers.  They're all centered around a guy wandering around on the beach talking about how he promised to someday get a house on the beach and give it to his spawn when he kicks off.

The part that's a bit cheesy is the guy is supposed to look like he's coming back from a session on fishing on the beach.  It's a romantic idea, designed to capture our imagination and encourage us to call John Hancock so we too can have such a life.

However, my question is, if you're smart enough to afford a multi million dollar beach home, wouldn't you be smart enough to figure out what fishing equipment to use for what purpose?

They guy appears to be coming home from 'beach fishing' with a roller guide equipped short stick that you'd use on a boat for tuna fishing (light weight tuna fishing it appears).  It would be the equivalent of showing up on the first tee box with a putter in your hand.  Hopefully your friends would beat you soundly and toss you into a pond before you did anything else dumb.  'Googan' is the term used for people who would do such things.

Fishing is frequently used in advertising to create that vision of relaxation, to sell the dream of rec time.  But, all too often you see it portrayed incorrectly  People holding gear in a way that shows they have no idea what they're doing.  Exotic locations where people are using the wrong gear for the job (and not just 'you should've used the green plastic worm').  I even saw recently where an ad showed several bikini clad women getting ready to cook and eat a foul.  No one keeps bonefish (bad form old chap) nor would you want to eat them, hence the name 'bonefish'.  

How much effort is it to ask around a bit and find someone with even a small amount of knowledge to set you straight.  Especially if you're going to spend millions of dollars showing the world that you haven't a clue.

If they can't research their advertising correctly, why should I imagine that they can handle my financial matters properly?  Will they pick stocks the same way they choose fishing gear?

For information on surfcasting check out - great discussion boards where I've learned a lot over the years.