Thought of the Day - Long week so far

75802-1031211-thumbnail.jpgIt's been a long week so far.  I had to go to FL to a meeting.  Then, on the way back, I was called to see if I could run up to MN on Wed.  I got off the plane on Tuesday afternoon, ran home, slept for a few hours, then hit the road again.  I just got back mid afternoon today.

 However, going to MN did have an ancillary benefit.  I got to see my friends Jodi and Jeff.  Nice to spend the night with some friends instead of at a hotel.

 The photo is from my Alaska trip last year.  Jeff's on the left.  The dude on the far right transported us up to the island we were on in his boat 'The Death Barge'....he's also the local vet, and a geoduck diver.

That was a great trip.  I need another one of those.