Thought of the Day - Missed opportunities

The returns in my home HVAC system are oddly shaped and I have to custom order the filters.  I've been getting filters from NordicPure for the last year or so.  i needed more but I was struck with a thought.  NordicPure sends me an e-mail each month reminding me to change my filter.  However, they never sent me an e-mail reminding me to order more.  Given the number I bought it shouldn't be hard to figure out when I would run out. 

 I also ordered a couple of custom shirts by a Made-to-Measure company.  Their shipping time is quite long, 6-8 weeks.  I got the shirts a few weeks ago and haven't heard anything since I placed my order back in Nov.  An e-mail to me encouraging me to reach out when I got the first order, a discount on the second and something to motivate me and I would have placed my 2nd order by now.  Instead, I'm not sure what I'm going to do.