Thought of the Day - Never to be seen again

75802-1288648-thumbnail.jpgThe one thing that has always amazed me over the years is how bad hotel 'Lost and Found' is.

If a housekeeper finds something in a room, the logical thing to do would be to contact the last person who was in the room.  However, never have I been contacted.  I have occasionally (VERY occasionally) managed to retrieve an item, but only after I call or revisit the hotel to have them search around....and the search always involves 12 different people from all different areas of a hotel.

Most often though, the item is gone forever.  I'm pretty sure if you needed to dispose of Tony Soprano's dead body, you could just leave it in a hotel room.  Call back later looking for it, most likely no one will be able to find it.

You would find Tony's Rolex on EBay later though...