Thought of the Day - Oh so much

75802-853166-thumbnail.jpgBusy weekend.  Started the weekend with a dinner and a bottle of Dead Letter Office Shiraz from Australia (two thumbs up).  Good fun and the dog got to bark at people in a new neighborhood.

After a meager couple hours sleep Saturday started with the Race for the Cure in DC.  The group I was with was walking in order to keep the herd together.  With the crushing mass of humanity we were unable to really put the pedal down...our first mile was a 32 min split....we managed to improve on that slightly for the subsequent miles.  

Had a great dinner at a friend's house on Sat.  We plowed through 4 bottles of mediocre wine....including an Amarone that should be destroyed wholesale.  I can't remember the details of that wine but when I get back to the shop that recommended it I'm thinking they deserve a swift kick in the behind of recommending it.

Yesterday, I got to play plumber.  Finally gave up on my aquarium in my office and tore it down.  I'm going to sterilize it and rebuild it.  Finished the night watching 'The Story of the Weeping Camel'.  Enchanting (or something like that).  Interesting to watch.  Odd pacing...keep waiting for the movie to get going...then it was over.

Then weekend was done.  I'd like another.

The photo is from a dinner last week.  Anyone guess where this Soviet style architecture is from?