Thought of the Day - Pennies from Heaven

75802-1387061-thumbnail.jpgThere were a bunch of school kids who got in trouble for paying for their lunches with pennies.  Link.  Now, I'm sure the paper doesn't tell the whole story but using a legal tender to pay for something can't be a punishable offense.  If the people on the receiving end feel slighted, they should spend some time lobbying for the demise of the penny.

 I on the other hand, feel that it's a great way of expressing your overall level of satisfaction with someone.  Sending $136 worth of pennies to the cable company is a good way to tell them that an 8 hour window for service and then getting stood up isn't exactly what you think is satisfactory.

 Speaking of coinage, my local post office doesn't have the most efficient self-mailing section.  They have a scale, but then, instead of having a nice machine that will print exactly the postage you need, they have a vending machine with various stamps in it, and it only takes cash.  So, you spend a few minutes playing (three of those, plus one of those and four of those, oh wait, they come in a booklet of 20, I don't need 20....).  Then, when you give it $20 to get your $1.56 in postage, you get a pile of dollar coins back.

I like dollar coins, as I've said before, but they just refuse to take hold.