Thought of the Day - Picky Picky

75802-514573-thumbnail.jpgI can just hear the discussion....

"You want us to demolish that?  I don't think so...  And DON'T EVEN think we're going to touch that thing over there!"

A block from where I took this picture I watched someone drive a Toyota Camry down a sloped concrete retaining wall.  There is a park/school yard elevated about 4 feet off the street level.  For some reason this person was driving a car up there (I don't know how they got it up there).

So, a bunch of scraping, tire spinning, and grinding later, they got it down (note to dummies: driving down something like that it's best to go at an angle, not head on).  It was late...dark...and looked kinda suspicious.  I thought perhaps I should call someone...but getting involved with the police is not an attractive idea, nor is getting shot by suspicious looking I just watched.

Oh, and if you ever find yourself driving someplace difficult (off-road, not a bad neighborhood), keep your thumbs on the outside of the steering wheel.  That way, if you hit something that throws the wheels to the side (and consequently the steering wheel) you won't have your thumbs broken.  Driving trip courtesy of the school that trains people to drive relief vehicles in bad spots of the world.