Thought of the Day - Quiet

75802-1140705-thumbnail.jpgHaven't been posting much lately.  Not sure what that means.  Something I'm sure.

 My mother had major surgery last week to address her Scoliosis.  That's been a bit challenging.  More so for my sister and father who are in Colorado with her.  I'm going out over Thanksgiving to see her.

There was a guy on my plane with a medical condition yesterday.  We landed 35 minutes ahead of schedule because of it.  Makes me wonder about airplane routing in the US.  Is is optimized to provide the overall fastest time to destination across the whole system?  It appears an individual flight has the ability to make the transit in potentially less time than scheduled.

I don't know what was wrong with the person nor how they're doing.  The level of panic was 'mild' and it took 5 minutes after we were at the gate for the paramedics to show.  So, I'm guessing it wasn't too bad. 

 On a positive note,  Terlato 2004 Syrah - excellent.