Thought of the Day - Rambles

75802-974456-thumbnail.jpgFor anyone who spends time on the water...I found an online source for NOAA charts FreeBoatingCharts.  Indeed their free and indeed it's a great resource.

I can't say enough good things about Four Vines winery.  "The Maverick" is a great wine.  As is their "Old Vine Cuvee" Zin.  I also finally chased down the "Heretic"...there were only 7 six packs distributed in MD...somehow I wrangled one of them.  I'm trying their wine as fast as I can find it and haven't hit a bad one yet.

I stayed last Sat. night in Ocean City, MD.  I got up at 5 on Sunday to go out and photograph the sunrise.  I ruined a lot of pictures by not resetting my camera ISO.  I shot a lot of pictures at ISO 1600...very noisy shots.  But, I did get at least one I like after I found my mistake and fixed it.

This one isn't's just entertaining.  I found this dude passed out on the sand....not 10 feet from a 'no sleeping on the beach' sign.  Since he was very evidently passed out from over consumption of alcohol I think he may have been fine since I don't think that qualifies as sleeping.

 About a half an hour after I took this shot the sun was beating down full strength and this guy roused himself and stumbled off the beach.

No doubt on his way to Sunday Mass....