Thought of the Day - Read the paper today

Headline:  'Russia vows to find terrorists who attacked packed airport'. 

It was a suicide bomber. I think I know where you can find them.


In happier news, another article 'What do Road warriors want in a hotel stay'.  I think I can weigh in on this one.

Their items:  Internet Service and outlets

My Response:  Yes, free and fast.  Lots of outlets and above the desk and nightstand.  Hate paying for internet, hate slow internet and hate crawling around looking for outlets...that's what airports are for.

Next:  Coffee in Room

My Response:  As if.  I haven't found a Marriott in the country with drinkable coffee in the room, or the concierge lounge...maybe in the gift shop if they happen to have an Iris machine.  Marriott gets a big fat 'F' in this category.

Next: A good telephone

My Response:  haven't used a hotel telephone for any reason other than order room service or call for the engineer to come fix something.  I would be happy with a phone with fewer buttons...just a bat phone to the front desk.

Next:  A great bed

My Response:  Yes please.  Good sheets, good pillows (evil, evil poly pillows), lots of pillows, comfy bed.  

The article goes on...gym - only if it's an overnight hotel for me, long term I find a local gym...hotel gyms are generally horrible.  

Free breakfast - yes please, if it's going to be mediocre it should be free, fast, and not involve terrible service.

Fast Check-in - yes.  It's annoying to check into the same hotel...week after week and be asked the same dumb questions.  Yes, I want that newspaper, yes, leave in on the credit card I booked it with.  Yes, I want the same things I wanted the last 20x I was here and you personally checked me in.  Robots...I want robots to check me in.

Fridge - nice for long stay hotels.  

Microwave - bet that would be gross.

What they don't cover is noise insulation.  I don't want to hear the party in the hall at 11PM.   I don't want to hear the people next door cough, flush, whatever if I get stuck in a room with a connecting door....this is very important...and most hotels do nothing to address this.  Tip, take a towel, get it wet and jam it under the door.  Helps with the HVAC too.

And a working iron.  Not something that looks like it was dragged along behind a car on the freeway for an hour.  I want an iron that works and doesn't spit and dribble water all over the place.

Best Western is going to offer two premium brands...Best Western Plus and Best Western Premier.  I'm going to go have a good laugh now...