Thought of the Day - Reviews

75802-502397-thumbnail.jpgSaw an article in the WSJ this morning about the Good Housekeeping Research Institute updating it's facilities.     It's part of the Good Housekeeping magazine for those who don't know...can't say I'm a subscriber or frequent reader of that publication but I have noticed their "seal" on products over the years.

They rate products (used to be only ones that would advertise with them would get their approval seal).  So does Consumer Reports...although I've always had trouble finding any of those services covering the goods I'm interested in (Consumer reports always seems to cover electronics that are not cutting edge).

Meanwhile, I depend heavily upon ratings to help me find the best of things.  Amazon, and and many other places allow customers to write about their own experiences with a product.  I like those a lot, it is pretty easy to ferret out the ones where people have an agenda, and to get a sense for how experienced a person is with a product.  I'd say ratings by other consumers can be one of the most important factors in helping me finalize a purchase decision.

I'm guessing a lot of other people are like me...but how many actually take the time to contribute to the reviews?  If you find them useful, shouldn't you be helping out and posting some of your own?  I know I try to add my experiences...but sometimes I just never get around to it.

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