Thought of the Day - Safety First

75802-1543323-thumbnail.jpg$6.8 Billion dollars is the proposed TSA budget for 2008. 

This morning I was going through security at National Airport and the screeners were using flashlights and lopes to examine ID's closely....however....

A middle aged woman showed up and stated she didn't have any ID, or her wallet.  'No problem' said the screener...and sent her through.  I figured she was going to be detained for some sort of secondary screening.

Nope, went through the metal detector, picked her bags up off the belt, and off she went.

She was going to South Carolina.

Ah, your dollars well spent....I feel safer.  Don't you?

Meanwhile, took the boat out for the first time this season.  Works like a champ.  Didn't go fishing, just cruising, but I did take a few photos.