Thought of the Day - Soon it will be over

75802-539463-thumbnail.jpgThe home phone has been ringing off the hook, and it never rings.  The messages are all the same "Hi, I'm XYZ running for ...."  <<click>>

Well, the click isn't in the message....I usually add that part.  

The problem with the ads, and the phone calls, and the door-to-door visits isn't that I don't want to know about the candidates.  It's just that I expect the messages that are delivered to be full of horsepucky.

What I would really like is a list of 500 topics/positions that all candidates must fill out...then give me the answers and let me decide.  

Do you support things that matter to me?
Do you oppose things that I dislike?
Do you like interns and pages, or are you at least willing to take bribes?

No ads, no signs, no phone calls, no mud slinging.  Give me your written responses, then go sit in the corner and shut up.  If I have any questions, I'll ask.

And we really need an permanent option of leaving a seat open for further candidates if all the ones offered suck.  Just say 'No'...

In other thoughts, how about our country where we have pre-printed "Going out of Business" sign packages?  Capitalism.