Thought of the Day - Spymaster

Walking into Grand Central Terminal last night we saw this guy wearing a decent suit, a hat, glasses and what I think was a real handlebar mustache, though the thing looked fake, like a high end version of the Groucho Marx eyeglass/mustache set.  As we went to open the doors he chose a set further down but then stopped and said something to a woman coming out of the door...but he spoke to her while holding a magazine up to cover his he was telling her state secrets.  

They reversed direction and headed around the corner.  So, we hung back.  He chatted with her for a few seconds, then they resumed their paths and entered Grand Central.  We followed.  He talked to her some more, all the while holding his magazine up to screen his mouth.  She accelerated and turned off.  He kept going, still shielding his mouth, still talking.

I have no idea what was going on.  But the possibilities are entertaining.


I was informed that the rat in yesterday's picture is a protest balloon used by Unions.  They put it in front of businesses using non-union labor to publicly shame them.  Big Sky Balloons is the company that is credited with coming up with the idea.

Meanwhile, I know I'm not really the demographic that this messaging is targeting, but the protest balloon does not make me want to avoid doing business with a non-union firm.  If anything, quite the opposite.  I have not had good experiences with unions and have experienced a sense of entitlement in most of my experiences.  The people I have dealt with have been slow workers, inconsistent and pricing has been very high to outrageous.


Ate at Artisinal Bistro last night.  Nice place overall.  It is, as the name suggests, a bistro and the food is pretty standard bistro fair.  The chicken cooked under a brick was a well done 1/2 roasted chicken.  The wine list is extensive by the glass but it is all <$20 bottle stuff marked up 3x so not really a place to try out new and interesting things.  The cheese selection is pretty impressive.  The thing I didn't like was the noise, hard surfaces everywhere made it a very loud place.  My friend Paul was unhappy with the service as he sat with an empty water glass half the night.

So, it was OK.  Maybe better for lunch.


If you really want to do something, you'll find a way; if you don't, you'll find an excuse.

- Anonymous