Thought of the Day - Subs...where are the subs?

75802-549490-thumbnail.jpgThe news reported on a Chinese submarine following the Kitty Hawk battlegroup around the Pacific last month.  The Naval officials who made the announcement also stated "Anti-submarine defenses for the carrier battle group will be reviewed as a result"....I bet!

Somebodies are no doubt having much fun right now explaining how they let this Chinese sub tag along with them.

Kinda funny was a statement that the Chinese navy doesn't usually operate their submarines in deep water.  Of course not!  Submarines work much better in shallow water...

The newest nuclear powered aircraft carrier is the USS Ronald Reagan.  Commissioned on July 12, 2003 she cost about $4.5 billion.  The next one up is the USS George H. W. Bush which will be commissioned in 2009.