Thought of the Day - Take your time

75802-1292038-thumbnail.jpgI have been a HUGE fan of Quiznos since back in the day it was only in Colorado (it started there for those who don't know it).  One of the first stores was on the Pearl Street mall in Boulder.  When I was in college and even afterwards I used to go to that store whenever I was home...sadly that store is no longer. (now I have the same thing going with a local place called Wok-n-Roll)

Most of the newer stores are not even close to as good as the original stores (they don't toast the sandwiches as long...have them send it through twice) but, they beat the heck out of Subway.

There is one near my house I have been going to for a couple of years.  This sign has been on their glass spit shield for at least a year if not longer.  I'll have to keep checking back now every couple of months to see when/if they finally repair it.