Thought of the Day - Talkin'

75802-1725470-thumbnail.jpgPowerPoint can be a very useful tool.  However, normally it's a tool used for evil purposes.  Some companies get it and provide some form of training to best maximize their use of this tool.  But most don't. 

Most companies spend money on the tool, then don't train people on them.  PowerPoint is an even larger issue, communication.  Communication is the key to successful business, yet most people are very poor communicators and most companies don't do anything to address this other than perhaps sponsor a toastmasters club where you can give up your lunch hour to work on this topic.

I spend a lot of time in sales meetings these days, and in this area, more so than others, communications skills are key.  However, most people really struggle to put together a logical presentation and to succinctly present their points.

A lot of wasted potential.