Thought of the Day - Telling it as it is

75802-1650562-thumbnail.jpgSo I have friends who berate me for not reading the local newspaper that gets tossed into my driveway.  In the interest of trying to learn more about the community I live in, I read it the other day.

What stood out was a photo/article about the local cable company, Comcast, opening a new customer service center.  The fellow they photographed I think sums up cable tv service nicely.

Just in case you can't read it, the shirt says "I'm gonna need you to back off".

Meanwhile, I'm fighting my computers to get them talking with my PocketPC correctly.  And Yahoo Music isn't updating the music on my MP3 player correctly.  Every day I grow more fond of the Apple computer commercials.  All we want is for this stuff to work.  Regedit shouldn't be in my vocabulary.