Thought of the Day - The cat in the temple

75802-990987-thumbnail.jpgI was in Houston this week for a meeting.  Afterwards I needed to get some dinner.  I was initially going to go out with some coworkers but that got all fragged up.  So, I was sent out the door to find a local steakhouse.  I just happened to notice a wine bar as I was driving so I pulled over and had dinner at Cova.  I had a sampler of wines Hanenhof Cab Franc '05, Darioush Cab '04, and Two Hands Max Shiraz '05.  I enjoyed them but I'm afraid I was a bit too spent to really appreciate them.

The food was good but the standout was the black peppercorn ice cream (the rest of the 'peach crisp' was forgettable).  If you want to make some link.

On to the photo, while in Japan I went to a lot of temples, of course.  What I found funny was some of the merchandising that I found at the these Hello Kitty statues.