Thought of the Day - The Life Underground

75802-1097227-thumbnail.jpgI was in NYC city recently and was struck by the difference between the NY and Tokyo subways.  The NYC subways are filthy, hot, run down, poorly lit, and smell like urine and 'other' things.  And the rats...there they are.  The trains stop randomly in the station and on some, the gap between the station and the car requires a running start to bridge.  Meanwhile, the people in the NYC subway seem to go anywhere they damn well please...there is no 'up' or 'down' side to stairwells it appears.

I was impressed that in Tokyo the stations are clean, well lit, in good repair and I don't remember them being hotter than the sunny side of Hades.  The trains stop at exactly the marked spot.  People politely wait their turn to enter/exit and you get some funny looks for running up the 'down' side of the stairs.

Japan has it's own issues, but their subways show a great deal more civilization than those of NYC.