Thought of the Day - The Logic of Humanity

75802-553164-thumbnail.jpgThe little kitchen in an office where I've been working for several months has a couple of black squarish, plastic containers.  Despite their appearances, according to a sign posted, they are not trash cans.

They do not appear to serve any purpose, and have been there for months.

Needless to say, people keep putting trash into them.

The facilities people keep posting notes about how they're not trash cans.

Yesterday I saw the 2nd sign taped to the containers.

Why don't the facilities people just remove them?

Probably because they're waiting for a Form X492-A-ij-98839-b2 - "Request to Remove Non-Trash Can Trash Cans".

10 points to the creator of sign #2...


In other news, on NPR this morning I heard a report on the battle for the #2 spot in the House of Reps.  Steny Hoyer was quoted as having said that some of  the proposals that Nancy Pelosi has are 'stupid' but that he would support them 'because she wants them'.  Comments like that really engender confidence in our political process.