Thought of the Day - The news Will come to you

I saw a headline today in one of my RSS feeds that the adoption of RSS is not making great headway and is stuck around 11%.   Link

The question is why, and I think it's becuase most people don't understand it, or why they should care.  I've been an avid user of RSS feeds for several years and let me take a crack at explaining.

RSS stands for 'Real Simple Syndication'.  Translated, that means - stuff comes to you.  Let's say there is a blog you like, or a news site, or financial data you care about.  You may go to the website and look around.  However, with RSS, you 'subscribe' to the site and the headlines come to you.  You can pile them up using a 'news aggregator' and read them all at once.  Think of it as being able to create a custom newspaper or magazine.

I subscribe to well over 100 feeds, there is no way I could try to keep up with that many websites by going to them one by one.  Now, I can scan down a list of headlines and choose what I want to read and ignore the rest.

I use Newsgator tools...I have the outlook plug in on three computers and I use Newsgator Mobile on my phone.  I can read something on any of those devices, or the web, and the service keeps all the devices in sync.

Here's a good place for more info...they provide a free RSS reader and search engine to find feeds.  Bloglines