Thought of the Day - Things to think about during those long, boring meetings

75802-1225749-thumbnail.jpgI attended a meeting recently where I witnessed a high powered sales executive looking like a noob.  He was wearing a black three button suit.  That's not so bad, although I'm coming to the classic opinion that black suits belong to evening and funeral venues, not day time business meetings.  What was disturbing though is he had all three buttons done up.

You see this around, people wearing single breasted suits with all of the buttons fastened.  As fashion 'nails on a chalkboard' this is about as bad as it gets.  The only thing worse is to add a pair of clunky Doc Martins to the suit.

So, why is it that not buttoning the bottom button is the proper thing to do?  Turns out it's because King Edward VII got too fat to button his bottom button.  Because he was the king, everyone else did the same.  Now, it's the 'proper' thing to do.