Thought of the Day - Travelling is such fun

75802-713358-thumbnail.jpgTraveling US Air again today.  After last week's problems they appear to still be a rudderless ship.  The priority check in was a zoo, to say nothing of the normal check in lines.  The kiosk software has been changed.  You can no longer just stick your credit card in and have it recognized.  Now you have to sit there and punch in a variety of different things on those ever so accurate touch screens.  I saw more than one person give up in frustration.   It took another fellow over 5 minutes to check himself in.

Of course the staffing level was at 'normal'...which meant there were about 5 miserable people to check in 400 customers.

My flight is delayed by two hours.  The weather is great...they're just running behind 'because'.  Then, to top it off, the coffee machine in the US Air lounge is down.

I was thinking about the ever-so-helpful 'National Threat Advisory' know the color-coordinated action list that we're all supposed to follow according to the Homeland Security Agency.  We consumers should have a 'National Travel Advisory' scale.

If we did...the current color would be 'FUBAR' (it's a military term for those of you who don't know...look it up).

BTW - The Department of Homeland Security website has the National Threat Advisory color bars...meanwhile, the Transportation Security Agency doesn't have anything about the color chart on it's front page at all.  I don't know about you but when I think 'Terrorist Threat' airports come to mind...and that's what the TSA is all about.  Call me crazy but perhaps the color thingy should also be on the TSA site.  Of course, the whole thing is a joke...but that's another story.