Thought of the Day - What's the point

75802-846927-thumbnail.jpgThis sign is at the front desk of many Marriott's.  The iBahn part I
kind of understand.  That's the company providing the internet
connections in the room (BTW - they REALLY need to stop charging for
that...all their other brands don't charge).  However, iBahn provides
service to Hotels and Convention, what's the point of
advertising to me, the end user.  The hotel chooses the service.  I do
not have a choice in the service, nor do I care who is offered as long
as it works.

The other company on that sign I find funny is Intel.  "Buy a computer
with Centrino chips".  Well of course!  Because I saw that in a
Marriott, that's exactly what I'll do.

Advertising everywhere....