Thought of the day - What's the point

o I came across this outside of Philadelphia.  The sign is in front of a Barnes and Noble and you walk past it if you use the main entrance to the store.  Now, my guess is Barnes & Noble didn't ask for this sign...more likely Baker Properties put it up.  But, the question is why?
Does anyone care that they own the building?  Will people come from miles around and pass other bookstores to shop at this one because Baker Properties owns this building?  Or, will people see this building (which is a big ugly box) and fall so head over heels for it that they'll be desperate to lease one just like it from Baker Properties?  Probably guess...Mr/Ms Baker has an ego problem.   There's a Ferrari/Maserati dealer on the same street about 3 blocks down...I bet Mr/Ms Baker is a customer (or hopeful customer) there.
And if you're going to put up a monument to yourself, at least keep it in good repair (notice the decorative brass ball is missing from the right side).