Thought of the Day - Where does the gas go?

75802-1359872-thumbnail.jpgCO2 is produced by the burning of fossil fuels,by animals, plants, etc.  CO2 is adding to the atmospheric blanket that is retaining more heat against the planet (Global Warming).  Plants abosorb CO2 and use it in photosynthesis, however, that is not enough.  So people are looking for ways to sequester it. CO2 Sinks 

Global warming is one of those topics that depress me...I think there are too many people on the planet for our technology to support.  I believe things are going to get a lot worse before they get better...curbside recyling programs or not.  We need clean power, I don't think we'll get off our collective rears and do anything about it until it's 'Do or Die'.  But that's just me.

Meanwhile, Ray's Station Cab....Winner in the value category.  Just what I like.