Thought of the Day - Where's the Beef

75802-1038701-thumbnail.jpgI was reading about a technique to tenderize meat quickly so I decided I had to test the process.  I went to Safeway and bought a couple of dinky eye of round steaks.  They were Safeway's "Rancher's Reserve"...which roughly translated means "The parts of the cow left between the good parts and those that go into making belts and studded dog collars".

 So, I took one of the steaks and covered it from head to toe with sea salt...the other, left naked.  30 minutes later I rinsed off the salted one and cooked them up in my cast iron skillet (relatively new toy and boy, I'll have to talk about that soon). 

 So, sure enough, the salted one was more tender.  Nice.  Link

After having one great wine after another from them I had the first disappointing wine from PAX yesterday.  The 2004 Sonoma Hillsides.  As their label says, it's definately made up of the leftover grapes from the rest of their production.  Better to sell it to us then pour it down the drain I guess the logic goes.  Maybe it would be more tolerable if it was about 1/3 the price it t is.

 Speaking of wine not poured down the drain, the 'winery' Castle Rock operates with a purely virtual model.  They own no vineyards, no wineries, nothing.  They buy bulk grape juice and make wine from it.  Most of their wines I've tasted have been great for the price, usually tasting much more expensive.  I have had some underripe 'weedy' wines from them, but normally if I see them someplace it's a safe bet.  And usually under $20 (or even $10).    Last week I had the 2004 Castle Rock Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon.  Very nice bottle.