Thought of the Day - Why is it their problem

I read an article in 'Strategy + Business' that discussed the fate of a company called Wiremold.  The article's topic was the Toyota originated concept of a 'lean organization'.  Wiremold, while privately held, had implemented Lean practices and received a great deal of benefit from this.  The company was then sold to a French company, Legrand, who removed the existing management group and brought in a new one.  Doing so caused the loss of the gains received from their Lean efforts. 

The article goes on to say that the previous owners should have been more careful in selecting who they sold the company to and to choose people who would not destroy what had been built.  I'm not sure I agree with that, nor do I think the former Wiremold owners have any responsibility to do so.  They sold the company and received a benefit for it.  The new owners inherited all rights to do with the company as they please and the old owners gave up all rights and responsibilities relating to Wiremold.

In other news, Steelcase wrote in a recent posting that 64% of people who can telecommute chose not to because they are afraid of being passed over for promotion.  As a work-from-home person, I can't fathom that.  Give me a choice, and I won't go to an office.

Was out on the Potomac river last night.  Someone needed some help near Alexandria on the way back around dusk.  Likely stuck in the mud.  We didn't go investigate because someone else was already assisting, and we were in a much larger boat...if they got stuck...well.