Trendy Paper

For a bit of time long, long ago (in digital time) I tried going to an all electonic life. I bought a PDA (first Palm) and tried ditching my paper based planner (I had a Coach planner). It was hard to take notes in meetings or just scratch down a random thing with the palm...and I was pretty good at their Graffiti language.  So, I got another planner.  For a long time I lugged around a honkin' Franklin Planner (liked the fact I could stuff 8.5 x 11 paper into it without folding).  I've downsized to a pad holder and my newest PDA (the awesome Audivox SMT5600). 

 So, I read this article (Fast Company article) about the latest fashion trend in notebooks...and then I ran into someone at a dinner who was exceedingly enthusiastic about them as well.  So, maybe I'll have to sucumb to this latest fad and get myself one as well.  Moleskine