I'm not sure if Microsoft's Active Sync software is a heap of junk or if it's the brick of a phone that I have.  Could be both.  I have to delete the partnership with my phone and the software 5x a week.  I've spent a few hours poking around on the web looking for help as to why and my patience is fried.

'Did I call Microsoft for tech support' - as if.  I would get better answers from my dog, and I don't have to spend hours on hold or pay for the privilege.

I need a better phone but I'm kind of beaten down and resigned to having a crappy experience.  That and I'm being cheap.

Microsoft is now going to open up stores ala Apple.  Good luck with that.  A strategy of always being the follower, and trying to be as cool as that other kid, will never work.

This candy is like most things Microsoft.  Interesting if not good idea, reality is a bit disappointing.